Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winner, winner. Chicken dinner?

You know how I told you I'm a huge actress buff? No? Okay. [insert linkage here]

Ah, good. Now to further catch you up, in my acting participating junk, I do a competition called forensics. [insert definition linkage here] And yes, that IS wikipedia. Got a problem? Let me just log in and I'll edit your complaints away, sucka! Now forensics has different categories and I've participated in most all of them but my favorite and my top performance is usually in the genre of Dramatic Interpretation (from now on known as DI). In DI, you perform a monologue of a serious or dramatic nature. It has to be under ten minutes but usually longer than seven. A lot of the pieces involve being crazy or killing someone. So this is perfect for since I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

In my current piece, I portray a woman whose four year old daughter was kidnapped, raped, beaten, and murdered. Then I shoot the bastard who did it. Probably one of my favorite ones I've ever performed because it's so emotional and shows a side of humanity that is very rarely acknowledged and whatnot. Anyway, my whole point of this post was to brag immensely about my competition today. It was the championships, so the best of the best, really. I placed first.

Yes. I won. I was THE best. Hell yeah. I owned those bitches. Except I didn't have a chicken dinner. That's just gross haha.

And what happened after my competition, with Lover Boy, well....that's a whole other story...

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  1. Congratulations on winning your competition (: smoke 'em! Except don't actually smoke. Haha.