Friday, February 26, 2010


Hold her in your arms.
Kiss her on the mouth.
Let her crawl inside you.
Let her in your house.

Stroke her gently as she purrs,
Imbue her with soft feelings.
She infects you with her pretty lies,
Leaves you sick and reeling.

But you love her like no other.
You'll take her to your grave.
Share with her your soul,
Become her sacred slave.

She'll engulf your life entirely.
Suffocate you in your sleep.
Make you feel so special,
Make you feel complete.

While your body slowly fades,
You'll appreciate her will.
The sense of strength she gives you,
Her annihilating skills.

No one will ever reach you,
Not your family not your friends.
She'll hold you in her killer grip
Until your life light ends.

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