Monday, February 8, 2010

The joys of friendship

One of our more...interesting...conversations thus far.

Nova: You know the best kind of sled?

Ireland: What?

Nova: A corpse

Ireland: Nice....but you have to break their feet off first so they don't drag and slow you down.

Nova: Noooo!

Ireland: Yeahhhh!

Nova: You put them on their back 'cause their face makes it bumpier.

Ireland: Hmmm....good point. But then it feels awkward because you feel like they're gonna open their eyes and look at you or something...

Nova: Cut their eyeballs out.

Ireland: Good idea. But then there're those creepy, empty sockets...I guess you could sew their eyes shut. Or glue them...

Nova: Go Coraline on it and sew buttons onto them.

Ireland: I think that would get you some style points certainly...

Nova: And if the corpse is on its back, you can lift the arms up to steer with. If it's on its stomach, you'd have to break them.

Ireland: Well they're dead so they wouldn't mind. But I see your point.

Nova: Told you. I'm always right

Ireland: Whatever.