Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Many Things

There are so many things I need to say you.
The words just ache to drip from my lips.
Swallowing them back, I must bide my time.
You will be leaving soon for a fight not ours
and our last moments cannot be of my need.

There are so many things we have left to do.
But there are not enough ticks left in the clock.
It was my fault we were apart, lost in time.
And I fear now we will be more than lifestyles away.
It will be new worlds keeping us from one another.

There are so many things you must be feeling.
This might be the first I have ever taken the blame.
Shock is first, guilt is next, grief takes last.
Our eyes show there is a reason for my repentance.
Look away but I know you love me still.

There are so many things that have me reeling.
The memory of our first kiss is just as sweet
and if I pause, I can hear my heart beat in you.
If there is a time and place for everything, it is now.
The thought I hold has us as pawns of Fate's game.

There are so many things hanging in the air.
Please come back to my arms safe and sound.
Will our love fade like sidewalk chalk in the rain?
Do not fall for another while we are day dreaming.
How soon till you see others are far more than me?

There are so many things for us to share.
Each night, my future plays at the drive in.
Wearing more than your class ring, I see us.
Grown figures of you and I mouth the lines of love.
The dawn of day has me waiting for this to be true.

There are so many things over which we will cry.
The touch of your hand I will miss the most.
You calling my bluff in love letters is not the same.
Familiar scents are salt licking at the wounds.
When I reach, only air fills the void you leave.

There are so many things awaiting you and I.
Endless, sleepless, loveless nights are looming.
The tight embrace in two year's time feels warm.
I keep hope time will pass as fast as tears fall
and you keep hope for the chance stars will cross.