Saturday, February 6, 2010

Midst of Misery

Last night we laid beneath the stars,
Together lost in a night far from colorful.
And in the snow you kissed all my scars
Because you claim they're so wonderful.
Now I wonder you he see
When you cast your hazel eyes upon me.

In the morning after we returned,
I stood gazing in the mirror for so long
Because it scared me, what I had learned.
And now I wonder if you know you're wrong.
What I see proves you to be delusional
For in this reflection I am not beautiful.

There are scars from my wrists to my thighs
From a father who can't love more than his alcohol,
From self-cristism after so many failed tries,
From rocks and twigs when I clumsily fall.
There are scars covering me head to toe
And there's still so many you don't know.

Before we kissed, you brushed the hair from my face,
Whispered to me how gorgeous my forest eyes are
And a feeling came over me that I can't replace.
But now I think you're seeing me from afar
'Cause hiding beneath the green is years of misery.
And up close, you can't possibly believe I'm pretty.

You told me that my skin is softer than the breeze
And traced the faded lines of every past mistake.
Said I've got what every girl in the world envies.
Now the voice in my head is screaming it's all fake
No matter what I can't drown out its sound
The only time it shuts up is when you're around

Maybe one day I'll understand the things you say.
But as for today, my knuckles are bleeding
'Cause I couldn't stand the mirror looking at me that way,
And the way you do is just what I've been needing.
So from now on, your eyes are my only reflection
Because in them I see me as you see perfection.

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  1. I love the way you mixed the rhyming couplets with the rhyme every two lines - it's very powerful. :)