Sunday, February 7, 2010

Farewell, my love.

Thought I'd try a little bit of prose tonight. It's been eons since I've dabbled
in this type of writing. Let's see where it leads, I guess.

Her back was towards him but she still felt his auburn eyes burning into her. His body shook as his fists clenched before splaying his fingers and sighing heavily.

"Just go." her quivering voice whispered. Part of her didn't believe she was the one who had said it but there was no one else around. Why would there be? It was around 2:30 in the morning and it was such an unseasonably cold night for the time of year. When she had asked to meet him here, no thought had crossed her mind to bring a jacket and she shivered slightly in the pale moonlight. A gentle breeze shuffled the autumn leaves and caused chills to rack her body. The wind was all she heard. That and the sound of his breathing echoing behind her.

"No. Not until you tell me why," he spoke. She closed her eyes at the pain seeping in his voice. "God damn it! Tell me why you're doing this. You know I love you. And I know you love me. No matter what you say. Just tell me why."

She guessed she always knew she'd be the one to walk away. Deep in her heart, she knew he wouldn't be strong enough to resist her succubus ways. Still she wished he had had the strength because she didn't know she still had it in her. Hesitantly she took a few steps forward with her heels snapping against the pavement. What came next wouldn't be easy so she slowly knelt down, careful to keep her balance, and began untying the ribbons on her black stilettos.

"Oh God no. Don't leave. Please don't. You love me. I love you. I've always loved you since the moment you first walked into my life, since the second you looked into my eyes. Please don't leave me." he begged her. The thud of his weight hitting the ground was like a sucker punch into her heart. His sobs rang throughout the night and in the distance dogs began barking in response to his cries of misery. "Love, don't do this. Whatever it is, just tell me. I can fix. I promise I can. No matter what, I'll make it all better if you just stay. I love you so much. Please..."

Rising, she clutched the shoes to her chest and started walking straight ahead. The stones were cool against her bare feet. She knew he wasn't looking at her anymore because it finally had hit him and he knew no matter what he said or did, she was leaving. Under his breath he continued to murmur how he loved her so greatly and the agony of her inability to say it back overwhelmed her. The truth was that she did love him. Her heart beat for his heart beat. But the love she could give would never be the love he deserved. A sudden gust of wind swept past her and carried with it his smell. She could practically taste him on her lips once more and she could hold back no longer. With the force of the wind, she began to run. The soles of her feet slapped hard against the wet ground as she left the walkway. Through the park she ran faster and faster even when the pounding in her chest became too much. A time or two she nearly slipped on the recently cut grass. Up ahead, she finally saw the gates as her feet met the pavement once more. But even then she wouldn't slow down. She couldn't. Not until the sound, the taste, the memory of his was far behind her.

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