Monday, April 26, 2010


I retreat to a place where I feel safe,
A small dark corner of loneliness,
where I cannot be hurt.
The silence and pitch black are so pure...
So quiet....

No one can judge,
No one can criticize,
I am myself --

And no one is here to see me.
No one is here to question my motives,
Or scorn me for being motiveless,
In my place I can dream,
I can sit and not move for hours,
I'm at peace.

My soul is light,
But my heart rains heavy,
Anchored down by a memory,
Bruised and scared,
By heartache and heartbreak.
Betrayed to many times,
Blind-sighted more.

This sacred place,
This dark and quiet place,
My little world inside my head.
My little ditch of serenity,
In this enormous wall of life.

What happens,
It is set in stone
But in my place,
I live my life the way I want to.
I think what I want to think,
I feel what I want to feel.

I am alone, yes.
But in the company of
Soundless speakers,
Blind observers,
And deaf learners.

My thoughts,
My ideas,
floating around in bubbles that I pop.
They are mine!
In my little world everything is mine.
I ask of you...
Is it better to be heartless than heartbroken?
Is it better to be dead than living?

In my place,
Those questions dont matter...

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