Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Monster, Love.

I stretch my fingers out and try to feel for the monster's spine, I get nothing. I keep stretching. I want to feel, the bumps that go up and down it's bare naked back. I feel some thing, my fingertips grow cold and I’m shocked by the heat of what I feel. It’s not bare, it has marks. I don’t open my eyes. This is a nightmare I can already tell. I trace my fingertips over what feels like leather. My mind starts to race. I continue to feel the leather skin, until the monster moves. I jerk my fingers away and curl up into a ball. I hear someone breathing. No, some thing breathing. A silent laugh escapes it‘s lips. I can see her eyes, I can feel them. See her smirk, she touches me with her fingers. I stop breathing. I don’t dare to move. She tells me to hush and relax. I listen. She tells me to sleep, I can’t. I can’t force myself out of the nightmare that is already happening. I’m praying, praying to God to make me numb, as numb as I can get. She runs her fingers in my hair, I cringe, she stops and places her hand on my shoulder and holds me down. She tells me to open my eyes, I don’t, she yells at me. I listen to her and open them. Her face is burnt, her eyes yellow, her mouth in a smirk. I grow numb and sigh. She tells me secrets, I listen. She tells me that I’m fat, I believe her. Everything she says, I believe. She says that she’s now her best friend. I believe her and fall asleep into a deep, deep, sleep.

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