Sunday, April 11, 2010

Awards? Me??

This keeps shocking me. But I've recently gotten two awards. First, I received the Path to Enlightenment Award from Lovesick Fool who is a beautiful person, whose very words can bring tears to my eyes, smiles to my soul.

"This award is for people who are continuously seeking knowledge of the world and their places in it and who share their discoveries on their blogs. It's also for people who keeping posting and commenting, inspiring those of us who seek purpose, giving us a reason to keep coming back and sharing."

And so I am passing this darling award on to Safiaaaaa over at Thinkers Reverie. Every thing she writes touches me (in a non pedophile-ish way) and is so amazing relateable. She's also a really sweet person who just awarded me the Honest Scrap Award.

This is "for bloggers who put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul." You write 10 honest things about yourself that are not common knowledge and then you pass it on to 6 fellow bloggers that touch your heart by the honesty and sincerity they give with each post.

So here are my ten things.

1) I am terrified of chickens. Everything about them makes me want to curl up in a ball of blankets and cry. Their beady eyes, their funky shaped beak, their wrinkled feet, it all terrifies me. Just recently, I held my first baby chicken though. They aren't so bad because if worse comes to worse, I could probably throw it a very far distance. It's the big ones I worry about.

2) Even though I'm a vegetarian, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to eat the more exotic meats. Like quail. I don't want to kill the animals but I guess it's the curiosity that gets me. My mom would hate me if she found that out.

3) About a year or so ago, and for the following months, I was in love with Bestest. I even managed to tell him my feelings and he shot me down. Repeatedly. I think it's because he's such a geek (and my inspiration for my geek post). Sometimes I still cry over him but I know it's for the best.

4) No matter how well I do at something, I never think it's enough. Okay this one is a little more well known but I rarely admit it out loud. It's like if I win second place, I'll beat myself up for a few weeks for not getting first. Even if I get first, I think there was a mistake.

5) Okay haha this one is kind of gross but when I was younger, I didn't suck on my thumb. Instead I was really flexible and if I got extremely upset, I would suck on my big toe. I know, I know. Ewwww!

6) I have a huge crush on Kevin Jonas. Like if he asked me to spawn little Jonas children, I most definitely would do that, much to the dismay of the majority of my friends.

7) As tough as I act in front of people usually, every negative thing someone says I take to heart. I care so much about everyone's opinion but I act like I don't so they don't realize they're winning the battle. Like with Arch Nemesis. Every single insult he has thrown at me has made me take a second look at myself and a third and usually a fourth. Can you imagine if he found out I truly cared about what he said to me?

8) One time, I had a dream about Arch Nemesis. And we were courting. He was holding my hand and trying to explain something to me. The rest of the dream didn't really make sense and the next day I wanted to wash my brain out with bleach. So horrible.

9) This one is kind of icky too but I love the smell of dirt. Not like gross dirt but the earthy smell of sorta wet, gritty ground. My nana's basement smells exactly like it and so I would sneak down there to just sniff the walls. I would lick them to try and taste it too but it never worked.

10) This was really hard. There isn't that much I don't tell people if they're willing to ask and even if they don't ask, I still let it be known. I guess I just don't see the point in hiding too much because then how can anyone say that they truly like me if they don't know the real me?

Now to pass this along....

Ducky at Flying Underwater, she's just herself with no pretending or facade and it's amazing. She's amazing.
Katieleigh at goodbyeanimosty, pictures or words, this young lady shows a side of herself that reflects the beauty in the world.
Heather at Inspiration, incredibly touching in a wonderously poetic sense.
Ary Vee at Mushy Love Song, she posts quite a bit and every single one takes my breath away.
Jon at Me Vs. College, through all of his adventures and humor, he stays true to himself and I'm highly envious.
Lovesick Fool at Voices of the Heart Broken, I could write for hours about how beautiful and true this girl is but I'd rather you see for yourself.

Wow, that took way longer than I expected. Hope you enjoyed!

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