Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dreaming of forever

Last night I had a dream, set in black and white. We were in the City of Lights. Snow was falling but it wasn’t very cold. You spun and twirled and danced, trying to catch a flake upon your tongue. Once landed on the tip of your nose and you laughed. Oh you laughed and it was sweet and it echoed down the street, whisking into darkened alleys. People paused to stare but you didn’t take heed. Instead you began to hum. Your steps soon fell in tune and I felt my heart follow your beat. The street was your stage, the moon your spotlight. Streetlamps lit up the flecks of snow in your dark hair and as you started to sway, they shimmered like diamond dust. Your whole body moved in a melody that came from somewhere. It must have been your soul. I started to reach for you, to pull you back to me but something had claimed you and I could only watch. All anyone could was watch. You were too beautiful to look away. The rhythm quickened and you stretched your arms up to the sky. The mitten overlaps had fallen away and the tips of your fingers caressed the stars and stroked the clouds. You traced patterns, weaving a picture only you could see, though your eyes had closed. Leisurely, you stood nearly still except for your hands which still danced in the air. The song your decadent lips had been whispering faded away and all that was left was the steady pace of your breathing. Somehow it was even more luscious than the music that had been you. My hands shook at my sides but even through the hesitation, I managed to take a step towards you. Then another and another and finally I was standing behind you. Only a few inches were between your body and mine and those few inches were too much to bear. Slowly, I reached my own arms up to the length of yours and for a second, I considered grasping your hands in mine but something once again stopped me. Instead about half way down your ivory wrists, I grazed your cool skin and trailed my fingerprints downward along the smooth canvas of your body. To your shoulders, you shivered as my touch nibbled along your neck. Down the blades of your back and the contours of your ribs, my hands followed a trail only they had a map to. Encircling your body, they came to rest on your stomach and my lips nestled in your sweet spot where shoulder meets neck. Against your skin, I whispered your name and though I couldn’t see your innocent face, I felt the secret smile that nobody knows but me. Though I couldn’t look into those doe eyes, I knew they were open in a sleepy Sunday kind of way. Your arms gracefully fell to your sides where they were made to be and your hands overlapped mine where they belonged. Leaning back into me, I tasted your smell of butterscotch and spring time. And I knew in that moment, I knew I could never live without you.

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