Tuesday, April 6, 2010

♥ Love Questions ♥

These questions are from a truly beautiful person, Lovesick Fool. Her answers are quite remarkable and I doubt my following ones will even make sense. But, cheers!

a.What do you search for in a partner?

There isn't much specific really. Honesty, faithfulness, humor, wit. Usually I'll give anyone a chance but if I don't feel safe in their arms, I know that I'll never fall in love with them.

b.Is it appearance that initially attract you to a person?
I won't lie. I choose people like I choose my books. If the cover doesn't really interest me right away, it most likely won't be in my to-read list. If it somewhat appears intriguing, then I'll take a peek inside the jacket and if I like what I see, I'll be more willing to dive in deep. There are a few exceptions however.

c.How often or have you ever thought of sex?
How much did Freud say our actions were influenced by sex? 'Cause mine is probably half of that. Don't get me wrong. I've thought of it a lot and I don't plan on stopping but that's all it is. Thoughts. I'd prefer to snuggle or hold hands on a walk through the park or throw popcorn at each other during a movie.

d. Do you believe in true love?
True love means different things to different people. Do I believe there's a type of love who only feel for one person? Yes but do I believe that makes your other feelings of love any less? No. I believe in all love.

e. How many relationships have you been in?
Ahh I guess that depends on how you view relationships. I've had my fair share (and a little more) of boyfriends, hand holders, stolen kisses, I like you and you like me, etc. But when it comes to those who now have a piece of my heart, that would be five.

f.What is your thought on commitment?
It's scary. I know it shouldn't be because it's a necessity for happiness with another person but right now, it terrifies me. Well not completely. There's one or two kids I wouldn't mind be stuck with for a while ha.

g. How easy is it for you to say the words "I love you?"
Too easy. I can say them like I say my name. The real question is how easy is it for me to mean those words?

h.How long was your longest relationship so far?
Around seven months. It would've been forever if he could have chosen.

i.What would you consider to be the best anniversary present?
I guess it depends on the anniversary and couple. I think as a relationship progresses certain things should be exchanged. Like a few months into the relationship, the girl should have one or two shirts of his to sleep in. For me, say on a one year anniversary, it would be something like a home cooked meal and snuggling under blankets on a couch, followed by something extremely, incredibly important to him, something sentimental.

j. What made you fall in love with your partner or what would make you fall for a person?
His laugh. I think that's what usually gets me. Right now I can close my eyes and think of him, sitting across me. Then he smiles and starts laughing. It's like being tucked into bed on a winter night after a big mug of hot chocolate.

k. If your love suddenly becomes disable would you still treat them the same?
If I truly loved them, nothing would make me treat them any different unless they hurt me purposely or I fell out of love.

l. If your beloved changes personality, would you still love him/her?
That's a tricky question. He could change for the better and make me fall more in love but then he wouldn't be who I first fell in love with so it might be like falling in love all over again.
m. Would you love someone completely even with his/her flaws or try to change him/her?
If I wanted to change him, then I didn't love him for who he is. Unless it's something like smoking or drinking too much. Then I would suggest he change if he's looking for a real commitment out of me.

n. If the most important person hurt you, would you still love him/her?
Yes. It would take me a great amount of time to forgive and I'd never really forget but I would still love them regardless. Even if I had to walk away out of my best interests, I'd love him still. However I can only handle so much pain and if it kept happening, the feelings would fade.

o. Why do people date someone who is bad for them?
For me, I've gotten better at choosing partners but before, it was because that's all I felt I deserved. No amazing guy would want me so why even bother trying for something healthy and good?

p. What is your opinion on cheating/love affairs?
It depends. I won't lie. I've cheated before. I was trapped in a loveless, abusive situation and I went out with a friend after crying to him all night long. What we did wasn't based on sex (not that we did it) or lust but it was comfort and it gave me the courage to walk away from that boyfriend. However, repeated cheating with random partners, that's wrong.

q.Have you ever been in a one-sided love? How did you get over it?
I have been and I don't know if I've ever gotten over it because I can still see his face or hear his name and pain, loss, love rushes over me.

r. Were you ever in love with more than one person at the same time? Is that considered to be true love?
This comes down to true love again? I have loved two people at the same time and I know it's entirely possible because the love you feel for each is different. My first love, I will always, always love him but does that mean the person I give my heart to next, I won't love them? No, it's just different.

s.Define: Love
Love is everything. It's smelling first blossom of spring, it's blowing bubbles under a summer sun, it's jumping into autumn leaves, it's catching a snowflake on your tongue. The colors in the sunset, the taste of rain, the whispers from the wind. It's all the beauty in the world and the ability to sacrifice all of it for that one person.


  1. i very much like your last answer :)

  2. i loveee your definition of love, it was so beautiful
    and the other answers were cute