Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Decaf or regular?

Kisses given are bitter,
Bittersweet on my lips like coffee.
But how can it be resisted
When you’re a caffeine addict?
These days apart,
These days are my withdrawal.

Middle of the night is colder now.
Or is it just the white porcelain against my cheek?
Never thought I’d sink so low.
This is my body purging in need.
This is my soul purging in pain.
And hey, coffee seems sweeter than bile.

They’re laughing at me, I hear it.
Those whispers are heat seeking missiles
And I must be running a fever of one oh three.
Even strangers are pointing so strangely.
But this paranoia is real, legit.
It’s protecting me from them getting too close.

And you come back on a red eye tonight.
96 hours, 5760 minutes, 345600 seconds.
That’s not enough time to truly live.
That’s not enough time to barely live.
Maybe it’s enough time to overdose
As chapped lips start to crack and bleed.

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