Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Fool's Day

I missed you on April Fool’s day. I thought of writing you then but I decided not. You see, I’m not one for the writing of the Hallmark holidays. It seems cliché. In reality what’s so different about them than any other day? Well besides the fact that they are a registered holiday and people seem a lot sillier with a justified excuse.

Does that sound too cynical? I have half a mind to erase it but seeing as how the mind is on loan, I don’t want to overwork it.

Don’t worry, I’m not so overly sadistic that I didn’t celebrate. Of course I did. I mean how is it physically possible to pass up a day where you’re giving legit permission to make someone else suffer? As humans, I feel we’re obligated to one day where we drop the façade and just treat each other like crap to make ourselves giggle.

This is April Fool’s Day. And as any sweet, loving, young woman, I had two jokes throughout the day. The first was a bit of a flop but overall, it provided me with a bundle of entertainment. See I have this friend, Keenan.

Yeah, that’s him. We’ve known each other since we were learning the art of cursive. He was a lot more awkward and clumsy while I was more docile and petite. Things change, eh? We met during the fall of our youth on a rec soccer team through the local YMCA. We’ve been best friends off and on since then because well, when it comes down to it, there’s not much holding our friendship in place besides some unseen bond. He’s prep and a jock. All of his clothes come from name brands and he goes to church every Sunday, youth on Wednesdays, and choir practice a couple times of week. He loves me even though I’ve kissed a girl or two. We don’t talk politics, economics, or religion unless we’re in one of our classes and having an open debate. Nobody, us included, understands why we are friends. But somehow it works.

So here was our plan. We both have profiles on an ever so popular social networking site and we decided to change our relationship status to being in one with each other. Of course, several of our closer friends knew right away that sneakiness was afoot but for those who lacked the pleasure of seeing us daily together, they were quite interested in our love affair. It was all going well until he got scared of his parents freaking out. Well, no, his mom freaking out. His dad loves me. So he decided to break up with me via the internet (while sitting next me) and proceeded to jump into a relationship with little Miss Ireland. That ho bag. I guess their relationship was more believable though because they have the same right winged, horrible opinions and, hey, they looked kind of cute together.

So that was joke one. Joke two? Well…that one is a little crueler. See I haven’t told you much about my mom, have I? This is her.

I’ll tell you about her later. For now, let’s just say we don’t have the normal mother-daughter relationship. So when she mentioned this plot, I of course jumped for it. Ah, sort of. I made her hold my hand while it took place because as daredevil I am, some things just rack my nerves. She told me to call her friend and pretend that she had been in a car wreck.

Sadistic, right? But I ran with it. I was so believable in my acting that I actually managed to work up real tears. She laughed so incredibly hard that she had real tears as well. We ended up doing it to a few of our friends (because my mom and I share friends despite the age difference). It was cruel, evil, and oh so entertaining.

Does joke two make me a bad person? Ya know what? Even if it does, I don’t mind because even now, it makes me giggle.

“I can’t help it that you look so sweet in your misery.”

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