Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My First Crush

I want to take you back a long time ago. A time when life was simple in my sandy blonde dog ears, stumbling around in the red dirt of my grandparents' farm, my home. My pink and white checkered dress would always get horribly messy but each time my mom washed it, my dress was so clean and pristine that I would always be itching to jump back into my own world of innocent mischief. The only time I cried was when my Barbie sneakers accidently squished a harmless bug or the nights that Daddy wasn't going to be home in time to check under the bed for the monsters. I was wide eyed and innocent in a world where I didn't believe wrong existed.

His name was Chad and now that I think of him, he will always be the cutest guy I've ever gaze upon with a wide eyed stare as he hammered sun warmed nails into our roof. He did various work on our house and around the farm so I would follow him with my four yeard old innocene like a puppy following a butterfly with wonder in his eyes. Chad would pick me up in his arms and swing me around and around and around under the golden sun until I couldn't breathe from laughing. He was in his early twneties and, as is common in a small town, already married to his high school sweetheart. Even now I believe she was a lucky girl because I still remember how his sweet, sweet eyes were the color of a crisp mountain stream as the frost of winter lay dorment once more.

He would always call me his future wife but I know I could never hold him to his promise. And that's okay with me because the memory of his eyes is enough for me.


  1. first crushes are one of the best. So pure and cute^^

  2. First crushes are always somehow fresh in our minds. The memories are too beautiful to forget. :)