Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 Hot 4 U

Okay. I'll admit it. I love Brad Pitt's ass. I fantasize about licking chocolate syrup off of Ryan Reynolds' abs. I started drooling uncontrollably at Gerad Butler. And have you even seen Jonathan Rhys Meyers? My god, he's better Adonis!

But really, oh, do you know who really gets me going? A Wood Elf druid with extreme dexterity and a Stonewood Compound Bow. That's an Everquest reference. Ya know, old school WoW? One of the last good MMORPG's.

In other words, geeks. Yes, I said geeks. Their pasty skin takes me back to arts and crafts using Elmer's glue in first grade but it's always the softest to touch. Every D&D remark that comes out of those chapped, Cherry flavored lips sends shivers down my spine. They know the difference between anime and manga. Between DC and Marvel. Between Star Trek and Star Wars. On Friday nights, they lay beneath 500 count Egyptian cotton and ponder the age old question, do Balrogs have wings?

Maybe it's just me but I find geeks to be ever so hot and sexy. Of course I'm not talking about ones that are 5'3, overweight, living in their parents basement. I'm talking about the Clark Kents of the world. Less buff but still you get the general gist. A true geek is usually scrawny everywhere...except where it matters...And that's all I need to start stripping to the theme song from Dr. Who.


  1. you have never been anymore goddamn right xD

  2. that is a very puzzling question :p

  3. Haha, Heather, I completely agree!

    And Ducky, yes, yes it is. I'm on the side of no wings.