Monday, March 14, 2011

Rant on "Women"

You know what I don't like? What I kind of actually hate even though that is a strong word?

Girls that can't do anything for themselves. The ones that can't open a jar, hang a picture on the wall, check their oil, pump their own gas, kill a spider, etc.

I'm no idiot - I know that sometimes the damsel in distress card can be played to our advantage. Sometimes it's nice to feel taken care of, or to make a man feel like they're coming to the rescue. I completely understand those points of view and I'm more than willing to admit I will play that card when I know it'll work extremely well to my advantage.

But I can't stand when women play their girl card every minute of every hour of every damn day.

We are tough! We are smart! And unless you are a complete idiot, in today's world, you should be able to figure most things out. Don't be so damn lazy. Don't give into the idea that we are the weaker sex. Because we aren't. We are more than equal to men and I'll be damned if I'm okay with these girls bringing down my gender because they don't want to break a nail.

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