Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I love you! :)

Dear best friends,

Monday. You forced me to eat outside in the wind and rain and bitter cold. How sadistic are you? Did you get pleasure from my shivers and threat of possible hypothermia?

Don't think all of our wonderful table dancing forgives that!

But today, it was such a pretty day! The sky was such a gorgeous, still blue. Air was warmed by the sun and a gentle breeze ruffled through the leaves. And somehow, I let myself be dragged alon...wait. If I'm the one who drives, am I really the one getting dragged along?

That is beside the point. Our plan for today was to watch a movie in the empty media room. But that didn't exactly work. Someone (not naming names...Maran...) forgot to check their Netflix to see if said movie was available for instant viewing. It was not. So we tried to choose a movie. Apparently, we do not have talent in this area. Instead, my stomach decided food was more important than an attempt at movie watching.

Thus we skedaddled along and gather such important nutrition before heading to the local park to enjoy a nice outside meal. I have to admit I had my doubts at first. Especially considering how our journey on Monday went. And even though we didn't get to play on the playground that much because those horrible little kids were hogging it, today was still great fun.

Thank you for being so amazing.


ps. I think I still have a ketchup packet.

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  1. I wonder who these freaking amazing people would be?