Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Moving On

Do you remember crying?
Alone, in the dark nights,
Remember the anger?
Remember the fights?

You hated it, did you not?
Despised it every day.
Needed to escape
But you couldn't get away.

You were only a little girl,
Never the one to blame.
Just the victim, the hurt
In their cruel, cruel game.

Nobody knew you cried,
Nobody knew you bled,
How each night, scared,
You wished he was dead.

Have faith, my sweet child.
Those years are past
And though scars will remain,
Nightmares won’t last.

You were strong and escaped
That place you’ll never return.
Left the pain, took the love
You know they’ll never learn.

They are now the ones crying,
Alone, in that empty place,
Remembering your smile,
Remembering your face.

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