Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love me.

The rain is falling again. Would you like to lay with me until the morning light? We can hold each other in the dark until this world falls completely apart and all the stars in the sky align to lift us up above. Everything will be perfect and we’ll never need to cry because we’ll never have to hurt.

It’s okay, I understand. No one wants to lay down forever anyways.
The sun is out now and the rain is all gone. Do you want to go pick flowers? We can laugh and spin around and forget that we're all grown and are supposed to keep our feet on the ground. All the colors in the world will swirl around us and we’ll finally see the things artists paint about and singers sing about.

It’s okay, I understand. Flowers always die in the end anyways.
The moon’s high in the sky and everyone’s gone to dreamland. Do you want –

It's okay, I understand.
Maybe I didn't understand.
Maybe I never will.
Maybe in time, you will want to be mine.
But I'm tired of trying and trying to love a love that doesn't care for me.
So I'll be going now.
I'll find someone worth my time.

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