Friday, January 29, 2010

Silly Boy,

I find you to be the cause of my misery from dusk till dawn till dusk again. Yes you are the origin of all my despair for you do not care about one so lowly and justly you should not. Yet even now my body aches for your touch upon my skin, your taste upon my lips. Nights have been passing what seems the most perpetual hell. The darkness nips at me from the shadows as the frosted air cuts my pale skin. Try and try I do to keep warm. Heaps of covering can be upon my body yet without your arms engulfing me into your aura of warmth, I am in pain. The days find your abandoned beloved just as tormented. The sun shines but not as bright. The birds sing but not as sweet. And I laugh but not as much. Theses days prove that I can, I will survive without you yet I can not live. I fear I could not survive if not for the memory of your love before you left, if not for the dream of your love should you ever return. And I do, I know I'm below you but sadly I know as well that I am not above asking if you will return. Forgive the ramblings of a young child but my heart beats quick at the thought of you never gracing my soul once more. I fear you won't return. I fear the world a greater lover than I. You can not deny she holds more beauty than my youth grants me and she holds more knowledge than dreams could even give to me. She is a mistress that will always satisfy you with her secrets and mysteries that you have yet to unearth. And here I am, a young, naive, childish fool, baring all. Nor am I above begging you to choose me instead. Please return to me, my love. I beg you to return to me soon for you are my heart beat. You are the breath between my lips. You are more to me than the stars that shine and the wind that blows. I beseech you to return, my love. Return to such a lowly girl and I shall do everything that the Heavens will grant to make you as complete as you make me.

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