Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reality, anyone?

Nowadays, we live in a world that can be as cold as an ex-lover's kiss. It's a harsh, cruel reality in which we live and some days it seems as if there is no point, no purpose, no reason for even getting out of the safety of our warm bed. And when we manage to drag ourselves out into it, we hear of victims who can't breathe without pain, families mouring one of their own, children dying in the streets. The news tells us daily of the innocents being slaughtered and the corruption that keeping the criminals repeating their crimes. We see pictures flashing across a lifeless screen of money, mugshots, murder, mayhem, madness. And we push it from our mind. We turn away and busy ourselves with meaningless little tasks. Should we choose to grace society with our company, we do so with deciet, manipulation, lies, corruption, betrayl, pain. We use others for our benefit and throw them away once they are thoroughly used up. Yes, the world is a cruel place because people exist.

Are you still reading?

Don't be mad. Don't be upset. You know the world can be exactly that. But you and I both know it is also more. It's waking up in your lover's arms to hear them say good morning with a smile meant just for you. It's giving your all of spare change and then some to the man on the street who can't afford shoes. It's running through a park in the middle of spring to feel the wind against your face and the sunshine raining down you. It's your favorite meal on your birthday. It's a smile from a stranger. It's a hug from your mom. It's a kiss from a baby. It's so much more.

Sometimes we forget this because we see the world through jaded eyes. We spend so much time lost in the bad, we forget the good. It's a sad truth but it's the truth nonetheless. So today I want you to take a second. Actually a minute or two. I want you to call your best friend just to say hi. Tell your parents how much you love them. Walk barefoot in the grass. Compliment a complete stranger. And remember the good, even when you're surrounded by the bad. Because haven't you watched tv or read a book? In the end, good always wins.

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