Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 20

Dear Diary,

Getting out of bed is easier
Things are better than they were
Now I can smile happily outside
And I'm slowly working on the inside
It's just a matter of time I guess
But oh today I wore that new dress
You know the pretty blue one
I bought it when I got my nails done
Stepping out today, I was so pretty
Nobody looked at me with eyes of pity
They know I'm getting stronger
The pain shouldn't last much longer
And in class I laughed as I had before
But this time it wasn't really a chore
It felt right and it felt good
It felt like I forgot it could
In that moment I didn't care he wasn't mine
So I chose to walk home in the sunshine
The air was crisp but I didn't care
There was still some snow here and there
But green grass had started poking through
Oh Diary I wish I could have shown you
How the wind caressed the trees
And the smell of winter carried on the breeze
The way the clouds kissed the horizon
And the feel of being held by the sun
I've spent too long in my blackened abyss
I forgot about the beauty of this
This world I was beginning to hate
So now I'm praying it's not too late.

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