Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You are pathetic.

Pathetic. That should be your first, middle, and last name because you are, in every sense of the word, pathetic.

YOU were the one who approached meme. YOU were the one who was drunk. YOU were the one whining about being lonely. YOU were the one seeking my help. YOU were the one playing mind games. YOU were the one asking if I was interested in you. YOU were the one.

Not I. Oh no. I was the one stupid enough to be listen. I was the one hoping I could help. I was the one trying to make you smile. I was the one who cared.

Never in all our time of knowing each other have you been the one to seek out a connection. That should have been enough warning. Each and every time before it was I and I will admit my fault there. Maybe because I had a school girl crush on you, maybe because I thought I was pretty enough, maybe because we laughed with one another, whatever the reason I believed there was a glimpse of something more or at least something that could be. I should have known. I should have listened to all the voices telling me to run, screaming that my first instinct was right.

You are no good. You are a trickster with an adorable smile. You are a liar with a sweet voice. You are a deceiver with care in your eyes. You are bad and I will not bring you to your feet when you come crawling in need. I have spent far too many days crying over damaged goods and broken men. I will not waste one more tear drop on someone like you. I will not care one more minute for someone like you. I will not throw away one more wish to be loved by someone like you. I will only pity someone like you. I will only pity the pathetic.

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