Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shh. Don't tell anyone!

The secret to life is....
a warm cup of hot chocolate.

sleeping in on Saturdays.

a summertime rain.

banana splits on the 4th of July.

capturing the perfect shot.

butterflies on a first date.
knowing who your friends are.

a mother's embrace.

a perfect first kiss.

chocolate cookies out of the oven.

blowing the seeds of a dandelion.

a compliment from a stranger.

snuggling with a childhood teddy bear.

a penny on heads.

your favorite pair of jeans.

laughing until you cry.

talking on the phone until two am.

coloring with crayons.

reading a book you cannot put down.

a child's laughter.

getting a card on your birthday.

the ferris wheel stopping at the top.

dancing until your feet ache.

rolling down a grass covered hill.

the first dip of your toes into a creek.

listening to the ocean in a sea shell.

the smell of a loved one.

catch and release.

a hot shower that steams the mirror up.

an outdoors concert.


getting your hopes up once in a while.

trying even if you will fail.

singing loudly in the car.


a really good hair day.

But the real secret is the one you would never guess...

love yourself, love others, love till it hurts.

And some more.

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  1. That's beautiful.

    And now the secret's out in the open =)