Friday, May 20, 2011

Rainy Day

like keyboard vomit let's throw some syllables together and paint a pretty picture.

can you do that or is it another thing i have to do all on my own?

watching you now is like seeing a puppy get kicked down a flight of stairs.

but oddly enough, there is no extra beat of my heart in sympathy for you.

some day, some day i will be long gone and happier than i've ever been.

what will you do when you don't have this sad little girl to push around?

everyone thinks you're so cool, so smooth but you know i know.

that must be why you try to hold me down until i cannot breathe.

but believe me, you cannot drown the truth of someone who lives a lie.

everything i do, i did it all for you yet never was it enough.

maybe when this sad scene plays on the movie screen, i'll shed a tear.

we both know the next day i cry for you, over you will be a rainy funeral.

till then just paint a pretty picture with your words reeking of booze.

and i will dance and i will laugh and i will sing and i will fucking love.

i will do all the things you wish you could but have no heart to feel.

i will be everything you dreamed of and you will be nothing to me.

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