Saturday, May 14, 2011


So last night I graduated from community college with a pretty two year Associates of Arts and Sciences in General Studies.

Doesn't that just sound lovely?

It's one of those special moments in life that do not come around very often. You graduate high school, then in four or more years maybe college. It is not every day that you walk across in front hundreds of people in a horrendously unflattering cap and gown. I'm the first of my siblings to graduate anything, let alone college even before I leave high school.

And yet, strangers on the street seem to care more than my dad does. He showed up drunk. He showed up drunk to his only daughter's college graduation.

I don't even know how I'm supposed to feel about it. It isn't like I should be surprised. As a matter of fact, I should have expected it from the beginning but part of me hoped that it would be different. He would realize how important a day it was. He would be a loving and supporting father like I see in the movies, like I see when I look at my friends. He would hug me and I would feel happy in his arms for the first time since I can remember. But that was just naive of me. I'm a college graduate now.

Shouldn't I know better?

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