Friday, December 18, 2009

Beauty is shallow.

There's this girl I know. Sometimes I spend hours just watching her, just watching the way she brushes her teeth a little too quickly because she doesn't like making the effort. Just watching how she chews her nails, though this makes her a hypocrite since she lectures any else she sees partaking in such a bad habit. There are a few times when her attention escapes whoever she is with and the distance captures the outlaw. Still she seems to hear every word you say. And constantly auburn bangs are swept to the side or uneven strands are tucked behind metallic ears, especially when her pristine lips are moving. She's never scared of eye contact even if some avoids those bright irises filled with a warm hazel. Her height is a bit below average but she never seems to mind. In fact, no one does because even in the rain, I catch her slipping in a pair of black, stiletto heels. And with every step she takes, her shoulders are strong yet I'm the only one who sees the world bearing down on her. I fear she might not last much longer. No other soul notices when the corners of her smile wilts, no one notices when her gaze flicks downward. And she doesn't mind. No she doesn't care if they ever notice something is a little off or there is a slight difference on days when it's harder to breathe. She is the most gorgeous, vile creature I've ever seen for she is not perfect. She comes no where near good enough for society. And she is quite simply the epitome of flaws and disgrace but...but this young girl knows that and she adores it. She thrives on it. She lives for it. Her imperfections are exposed to the world as she bares her body, her mind, her soul for us to see. A perfect stranger can see the curves, valleys of her ivory body. Sometimes he can even caress if he is brave enough to simply reach out as he holds her gaze. But few do. So, so few will ever take the chance to view the beauty in what is damaged because we are scared of what has no fears. And she is one who will stand strong against all terro for she has been loved by the most beautiful angel. For his arms were the ones to take her in when the heavens shunned her and the mortals stoned her. She now can embrace that which frighten the strongest of men. Thus she is what we fear for she cannot be tormented anymore by what we have inflicted upon ourselves because she is what we bring upon ourselves.

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