Monday, January 3, 2011

Blessed Butterflies

The beats of my heart have a rhythm
To which the swirls of my blood dance.
A melody flutters, like a butterfly, catches me.
Part wishes to be swept away to neverland,
Part knows, with you, I will always remain.

Tell tales of love and romance and ecstasy
From lands across the sea, over the mountains.
None can compare to the story woven
In the air between your sorrel eyes and mine.
It is enough to give peonage a gentle caress.

Your sweet nothing words stir inside of me
Where they dream, waiting for a rainy day.
Blessed butterflies spoken by your lips,
The lips that my soul longs to but never taste,
Blessed butterflies fly free inside.

Heavens may be the sky’s limit
But soaring beyond is no bound to my spirit
Though being yours, I never will know,
Moments stolen and stored between are wings
Given by you to me, to blessed butterflies.

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