Monday, May 3, 2010

The best kind of couples

I'm obsessed with becoming wonderful,
But I can't even manage to be beautiful.

Baby make a move before it's too late.
The worst will come only if you hesitate.

I love you completely and madly, I do,
Except I'm not even sure I know you.

He's never going to realize,
Every promise, it's all lies.

It's not that I want to be perfect.
It's that I just want to be worth it.

He can't tell that my heart is breaking
'Cause it's perfect, the smile I'm faking.

There's been so many guys in my bed
And yet he's the only one ever in my head.

You're cute, you're funny, you're smart.
It sucks that you don't have a heart.

Sweet love, oh my, sweet misery,
How you must adore me.

My oh my, how they think I'm stupid.
But it's just...I've been struck by Cupid.

Please don't go, don't walk away.
There's still so much I've yet to say.

Is it really worth all the pain,
His kiss that sends lightning through my veins?

Just because I knew I should,
It didn't mean that I ever would.

I'm never going to be the one.
So forget this, I'm done.

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