Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why so blue?

My heart belongs to a boy,
a boy who doesn't know of love.
Something inside me yearns to teach
but I fear not I have the patience.

Waves of affection crash upon me
and inside my soul begins to drown.
He speaks so softly and always stoic
so that he appears emotionless.

Most believe he is an empty room
with no light reflecting against plain walls.
But like a scream from underwater,
he reaches out in his own way.

Our fingers, they brush one another
and I dart my eyes to avoid the truth.
The electricity I taste from that touch
sparks no fire against a stone.

If possible, I would bury myself
six feet under in those sorrel eyes.
For then I would be the twinkle there
shining, dancing when his laugh resounds.

He knows not of this adoration
nor will my lips ever tell him of such.
Till time comes and my folly is shattered,
I dream of Arctic kisses and Neverland love.


  1. That was beautiful.

    But at least it's better than him knowing and not caring or returning it.

  2. wow. I wish I was this good at writing...

  3. scattered-strings, that is true. been there, hated that.

    and ireland, you have art. don't try and steal writing from me :p

  4. Perfect! Writing is most assuredly your forte'

    My Best