Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh Kill Me

How can I tell you how much I love you?
Brief words don’t explain,
And forever takes to long.

However, you must hear of
The deep uncontrollable addiction,
I seem to have developed, for you.

Yet all the fighting, us, together yet disconnected,
I feel fetal around you, new, un-torn.
Fresh purity is my being with you.

Sweet glances are given, all
Is to cleanse you from past apparitions,
And feed me with my guilt.

Because now, a mistake sharing,
Closeness and intimacy with another,
Causes disruptions in our lives.

Foul words like snakes fall twisting,
Poison from open mouths that breath,
Smoke like snap dragons.

Lying here, breathing feels like a chore,
My chest, unclothed, weak.
You're the albatross crushing my heart.

I am trying to touch those,
Deep scary sensations, its impossible,
Almost to capture anything,

You shall forever have visions of something more,
I can feel my blood in my veins,
Hurting as it rushes circling in arteries.

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